Award winning Trail and Enduro bikes designed in Northern Ireland. As ridden by 3 x Downhill & 2 x Enduro World Champion, Sam Hill. Sizes from XS up, so kids & small folk can join the party! 


Salsa practically 'invented' modern bikepacking  and ultra distance rigs. Sorted, reliable bikes for everything from local tours, gravel rides and XC epics to your next round the world trip.

Surly Karate Monkey 2021

Serious steel bikes for people who don’t take themselves too seriously! Surly's motto is: Bikes. Parts. Chaos. Trail bikes and fat bikes that convert easily to bikepacking and other adventures


With a range that includes the Eurobike award winning  RUUT and the Cycling Plus 'Road Bike of the Year' HVRT Rondo are on a roll! Versatile bikes ideal for Scottish trails & roads.

Bikes & Framesets

Female Bike Fitting – our staff will get you cycling in comfort!

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Lupine Lights
SON Dynamos
Lupine Lighting Systems

German uber-engineering. The best bike lights in the world - bar none. Expensive? Yes, but their customer support is as superb as the engineering and brilliance of their beams. We have demo units available.

sinewave cycles logo

Want to charge your phone, gps or camera AND have lights all powered by your dynamo hub? No problem! Widely recognised as the best chargers on the market. Fitted & tested by our in-house electrical engineer

Son Nabendynamo

The lightest, strongest & best dynamos on the market. Best teamed up with a Sinewave charger. We can build SON hubs into most wheel sizes, hub width standards, and rim styles. Suitable for road, gravel and bikepacking. 

tailfin logo

Cycle carry equipment for riding further and faster. Racks and bags for the ultimate racing and bikepacking adventures or simple day-to-day commutes. Beautiful, lightweight and easy to mount/release.

Lighting & e-charging specialists with in-house electrical engineer.

Charge bike lights & electronic devices via USB while cycling!

Salsa Accessories

100% waterproof, super durable packs, seen on bikes all over Germany since the 1980s. What inspired Herr Ortlieb to make this gear? Two weeks of bikepacking in British weather … 

Salsa logo.png

Quirky (and comfortable) handlebars; frame bags laser cut to fit their bikes; super strong racks; and the ubiquitous 'Anything Cage', make Salsa accessories a go to range for serious cyclists 


Few companies make it to their 50th anniversary and are still as obsessed with superb quality and ingenious design as MSR. First class camping stoves, water purifying systems and tents. 

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Not ‘made in China’ – every mattress and pillow is manufactured by Thermarest employees in Ireland or the US. Did we mention their awesome quality and lifetime guarantee?

High-quality camping gear for family holidays and adventure trips into remote areas. We only sell what we love and use ourselves.